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1/8th On-Road World Champion 2019/2020 from Mugen

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    MUGEN MRX6 'X' World...

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    Mugen Seiki is proud to introduce the new MRX6X 1/8th Nitro On-Road kit.

    The MRX6X is inspired and based off the products used by Mugen Seiki driver, Shoki Takahata, to capture the 2019 IFMAR 1:8 On-Road World Championship hosted by Steel City R/C Speedway.
    The features of the MRX6X help improve steering, rear traction, drive train efficiency, and drivability.

     Features of the new MRX6X kit (H2008) include:

    • New front suspension geometry. The new front uprights and aluminium bearing holders give
      you more overall steering and have a more precise steering feel.
      The shape of the upper front arm also changed to accommodate the current bodies on the market.

    • The new front shock tower and lower shock mounts have new geometry that increase steering
      in the middle to the exit of the turn.

    • New rear suspension geometry. The new rear upper A-arms and rear upper arm plate help
      improve rear traction.

    • 0.8M pinion & spur gear. The new 0.8M pinion and spur gear will increase drive train efficiency.
     You’ll notice increased acceleration and increased runtime.

    • New roll bar for easier refuelling. This will allow quicker pit stops.
    • New front drive shaft. The new front drives shafts allow increase steering angles and more overall steering.
    • The front wheel lever (H2231) and rear wheel lever (H2232) are standard equipment on the
      MRX6X and allow easier installing/removing of wheels.

    MRX6X New Parts:
    H0272-B Front drive shaft
    H2151-B Rear upper bulkhead
    H2161L/R Front upright
    H2162 Insert upright
    H2163 Rear upper and lower arm
    H2164 Rear upper arm plate
    H2165L/R Front upper arm
    H2166L/R Front lower shock mount
    H2167 Roll over bar
    H2233 Pinion 19T
    H2234 Pinion 20T (Option)
    H2235 Pinion 24T
    H2236 Pinion 25T (Option)
    H2237 Spur gear 60T (Option)
    H2238 Spur gear 61T
    H2239 Spur gear 62T (Option)
    H2240 Spur gear 56T (Option)
    H2241 Spur gear 57T
    H2242 Spur gear 58T (Option)
    H2422 Centre Weight 30g (Option)
    H2516 Front shock tower