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    - Standard 540 can size for use in 1/10th scale or 1/12th scale vehicles.
    - Motors are designed for use with 4 cell or 6 cell Nimh packs, or 1s or 2s lipo packs.
    - Supplied with leads for easy connection in RTR cars.
    - Includes internal cooling fan.
    - 21 Turns especially designed for F2 Stock Cars and Bangers etc 
    - Approved by the BRCA for F2 Stock Cars.

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    BRCA Legal

    Designed in the USA, we are proud to announce the all new ICON Series racing motors! 
    Ground Breaking Technology! We have forever changed the RC Industry and the way racers think about tuning motors! 

    The heart of the new ICON is our "Patented" (U.S. Patent D823,803) designed stator and patent pending "Tuning Pins". These 2 key elements will be total game changers for your racing program! Our patented design stator provides maximum torque while producing the most insane RPM ever seen before! Plus we've also added the ability to fine tune your motor via "Patent Pending Tuning Pins". That's correct, another first from Fantom! With our unique design, we've totally eliminated the need for stator screws. Instead we've replaced them with "Tuning Pins" which allows you to fine tune the Torque vs RPM of your motor! Why settle for an all purpose motor when you can have a motor designed to fit your exact application! 

    Up your game and see for yourself why the all new ICON truly is a Game Changer! Whether you race On-Road or Off-Road, 1S or 2S.....We've got you covered!! 

    Specs and Features: 

    All R&D work was carried out in The USA. 
    Patented Stator Design (U.S. Patent D823,803) 
    New Precision Machined 1-Piece Can Design 
    Centre band of can designed around stator for better heat dissapation 
    New High-Power / Low Resistance, 3mm Aluminum, Silver Plated Collector Ring 
    New Patent Pending Tuning Pins, provides multiple options for precise tuning capability 
    New Super High Strength and Heat Resistant Magnet Formula 
    New Sensor Board Design for Improved Deviation Accuracy 
    New Venting Designed to Maximize Heat Dissipation 
    New Maximum Size Allowed, Pure Copper Wire for Lowest Resistance Possible 
    Meets All ROAR, BRCA, IFMAR, EFRA Specifications 
    Premium Grade Kawasaki® Steel Stator Plates 
    CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum End Plate for Precision Bearing Alignment 
    Maximum Adjustable Timing 
    High RPM Precision Bearings 

  • XERUN-V10-Black-G3R-BL...


    Designed for high level racing. The torque of the G3R Stock motor is improved by 13.3%, the KV & max output power are improved by 6.5% and 8.6% respectively compared to the V10 G3 motor.

    Low resistance but high efficiency. The resistance of this G3R is reduced by 11% while the efficiency is improved by 6% when compared to the V10 G3.

    Lightweight. This G3R weighs only 139g and is 8.6% lighter than some popular stock motors on the market.

    The built in high precision hall sensor combined with the high precision and balanced rotor guarantee outstanding linearity of the motor.

    The motor case is designed to be easy to dismantle for maintenance purposes and for the replacement of common wearing parts.

    The special shell design which makes the stator core expose to the air maximises cooling. Big holes on the end plates further help reduce heat.

    The use of high performance stator core, heat (200degC) resistant wire, heat (180degC) resistant rotor with strong structure, world class high precision and high strength bearings and copper solder tabs with super current endurance guarantees outstanding performance and super durability.

    Complies with IFMAR, ROAR, EFRA, BRCA rules and certificated by RoHS, CE, FCC and etc.

  • X FACTOR 13.5T...

    X-Factor 13.5T SPEC Class Brushless Motor
    Standard Race SPEC Features:
    • 10% Lighter than Previous Motors
    • Weight (144g)
    • New Composite Sensor Board
    • 0 - 60 Degrees of Timing adjustment
    • Revolutionary timing ring & locking end plate systems saves weight Only 6 short screws (no long screws)
    • X-Flow Cooling which pulls more air through the can, reducing motor temps
    • 2pc CNC Machined Aluminium can allows for more accurate deviation readings
    • 2mm Ultra Low Resistance Solder Tabs
    • New Stator Design provides a more efficient power curve NO FADE!
    • 2650Kv this number is approximate set as Zero Degrees of Timing. Sensored Brushless Motors are not rated in Kv's due to the fact that timing and voltage can effect the Kv number.
    13.5T comes built stock with the torque and punch of the TEP1119
    • 12.5 x 25.5mm Long
    • High Torque Rotor - Copper
  • Surpass Crawler Combo


    Surpass Crawler Combo 5-Slot 16T 1850kv Brushed Motor
    and 60amp Speed controller


    The Surpass 5 Slot brushed motor offers excellent low down control which gives great traction and predictability when driving scale and crawler type models.
    • High Purity Copper Windings Maximises Efficiency
    • High RPM Oversized Bearings
    • Precision balanced rotor, smoothness for best reliability and maximum RPM
    • Removable/Replaceable Rotor
    • Rebuildable with an easily accessible commutator and replaceable brushes and springs
    • High strength magnets for unmatched brush-motor performance
    • Specifically designed for R/C vehicles that require precise movement control
    • Excellent torque and long-run times
    • Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs for flexible soldering options


    • 16 Turn 5 Slot armature
    • Shaft diameter 3.175 mm (standard 540 motor size)
    • Torque 2300 @7.4v
    • Off load RPM 13700 rpm +/- 10% @7.4v
    • Off load current 1.06 - 1.5A @7.4v