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  • XPERT RC MI-3301 1/12...



  • SMD SRX 2 SANWA...


    The ALL NEW Sanwa 'compatible' SRX 2 receiver. 
    This new receiver is compatible with Sanwa M17, M12, M11x, MT-4, MT-4S, MT-S, MT-44, Exzes X, Exzes Z. Exzes ZZ, Gemini X. 
    The SMD SRX 2 is a 4-channel receiver. 

    Measurements - 23.6mm × 18.4mm × 28.4mm 
    Input voltage - 3.5V to 8.4V 
    Weight - 7.3 grams 
    Channels - 4 Modulation - FHSS-3/FHSS-4

  • CORE RC -Servo 5Kg .08...


    CORE RC -Servo 5Kg .08 Sec 1/12th/GT12

    New from CORE RC is this super fast, extremely lightweight digital servo, suitable for 1/12th scale and GT12 cars.

    Main Features;

    - Coreless motor
    - Metal Geared
    - Twin Ball Bearing
    - Digital Performance
    - Heatsink for cooling
    - Huge range of Accessories
    - Attractively Packaged


    Weight - 33g
    Speed - 0.08sec/60deg (6v)
    Torque - 5.0kg/cm (6v)
    Size - 35.5mm x 15.3mm x 42.2mm
    25T spline

    The CORE RC 5008 servo comes with a huge range of accessories.

  • Highest B210 (Torque)...


    Highest B210 (Torque) Servo

    Highest Servo's are used by some of the best drivers on the planet including our own Jorn Neumann and Olly Jefferies, plus David Ronnefalk and Ronald Volker.

    A high torque brushless servo mainly for 1/8th buggy class and 1/8th On-Road.


    - High Efficiency Brushless Motor

    - Full Aluminium Case

    - Full Metal Gears-POWER GEAR

    - Output Shaft 25T

    - Dynamic Torque (6.0V) : 24.5 kg-cm

    (7.4V) : 31.1 kg-cm

    - Operating Speed (6.0V) : 0.12 sec/60°

    (7.4V) : 0.09 sec/60°

    - Operating Temperature 14° to 140° F (-10 to +60° C)

    - Operating Voltage 6.0V~7.4V

    - Size 39.5 * 20.0 * 38.7 mm

    - Weight 73.1g



    SMD are proud to introduce their new Sanwa compatible SRX receiver. 

    Their new receiver is compatible with Sanwa M17, M12, M11x, MT-4, MT-4S, MT-S, MT-44, Exzes X, Exzes Z. Exzes ZZ, Gemini X. 
    The SMD SRX is a 4-channel receiver. 

    Measurements - 35.5mm × 23.3mm ×12.7 mm 
    Input voltage - 3.5V to 8.4V 
    Weight - 7.3 grams 
    Channels - 4 
    Modulation - FHSS-3/FHSS-4

  • KO KR-211FH 2.4GHZ...



  • FUTABA R604FS 'FASST'...

    £84.99 £119.99


    The Futaba R604FS 4 channel is a dedicated land/water receiver using Futaba FASST transmission system.

    This receiver works with the T4PK, T4PKS, T4PX, T7PX or T7XC.

  • SANWA RX-472...

    £49.99 £64.99

    SANWA RX-472 Telemetry/SSL Receiver 

    - 2.4GHz FHSS4/FHSS3 Spread spectrum system 4ch 
    - Sanwa Synchronised Link ( SSL ) function support 
    - Sanwa Super Response (SSR) support 
    - Lightest receiver in class 

    Frequency - 2.4GHz FHSS4/FHSS3 
    Channel - 4ch 
    Nominal Input Voltage - 4.8~7.4V 
    Dimensions - 30.0x23.3x14.0mm 
    - 6.6g 
    Compatible radio - M12, EXZES Z, MT-4 ( SSL not support ) 
    SSL Function (Sanwa Synchronised Link) System From using both of "RX-472" and "Super Vortex Zero", Drivers operate "Code AUX Function" which is included on M12 & EXZES-Z and can adjust setting of equipment directly and quickly from Radios. 
    In case of using SSL System, Drivers don't need to use Setting Card or PC. And also, Telemetry data can be sent to Radios without using any Sensors. 

    In case of using MT-4 with both of "RX-472" and "Super Vortex Zero", SSL Function is not responded, but Telemetry data can be sent to Radios without using any Sensors.


    £49.99 £69.99

    RX-482 Telemetry/SSL Receiver

    - 2.4GHz FHSS4 Spread spectrum system 4ch
    - SSL support (ESC: Super Vortex Series etc.)
    - Built-in Antenna
    - Sanwa Super Response (SSR) support

    Frequency - 2.4GHz FHSS4
    Channel - 4ch
    Nominal Input Voltage - 3.7V~7.4V
    Dimensions - 18.2x24.4x27.1mm
    Weight - 7.1g
    Compatible radio - M12, Exzes Z, MT-4S, MT-4(No SSL support)

  • SA107A41311A - RX-481WP


    RX-481WP - Built in Antenna Receiver

    - 2.4GHz FHSS4/FHSS3 Spread Spectrum System 4CH
    - Super Response (SSR) Mode-Compatible
    - Waterproof (IPX4)

    - Frequency - 2.4GHz FHSS4 / FHSS3
    - Nominal Input Voltage - 3.7-7.4V
    - Weight - 10.7g
    - Channel - 4CH
    - Dimensions - 21.4x27.6x29.4mm
    - Compatible radio - M12S, M12, EXZES ZZ, EXZES Z, M11X, EXZES X, MT-4S, MT-4, MT-S, MX-3X, GEMINI X



    The RX-493 receiver includes coaxial antenna and pipe for greater range and more stability.

    The RX-493 is compatible with FH5/FH5U system for M17 radio ONLY.

    Compatible with SXR response mode.

    Voltage 4.8-7.4v and water proof (as IPX4) Compatible with SSL function.

    Easy install antenna pipe.

    Recommended pipe length 100mm

  • SA107A54526A SANWA...


    SSL Compatible
    - Compatible with CODE10 (M12S (RS), Exzes ZZ, MT-44)
    Not compatible with CODE5 (M12, Exzes Z, MT-4S, MT-4, MT-S)
    - MULTI SETTING GEAR compatible
    Not compatible with PGS SETTING GEAR
    - SSR mode compatible
    - SHR mode compatible
    - Lipo 2 cell battery compatible
    - High torque type
    - Coreless motor
    - Metal Gears
    - AL Heat Sink

    Programmable Servo to be compatible with SSL & Telemetry
    - Setting Adjustment by wireless from Radio
    - Setting Adjustment to connect Servo with Multi Setting Gear
    - Regarding Temperature, Current, Voltage and Volume Position on Servo inside,
    Telemetry-transmission can be passed to Radio.
    # Initial Setting on Multi Setting Gear is necessary.

    - Setting Items
    - SSL-CH (SSL Channel Setting) - STRETC (Stretcher Adjustment) - BOOST (BOOST Adjustment)
    - D-Band (Dead Band Adjustment) - MV-MID (Middle Torque Adjustment)
    - MV-END (Later Torque Adjustment) - BREAK (Break Adjustment)
    ?MV-HOLD (Power Adjustment at whole area) ?MV-FRQ (Feeling Adjustment at whole area)
    ?MAX-PW (MAX Duty Adjustment)
    - Multi Setting Gear is necessary for setting.

    0.11 sec / 60° (7.4 V)
    0.13 sec / 60° (6.0 V)

    26.5 kg ·cm (7.4 V)
    23.3 kg ·cm (6.0 V)

    40.5 X 20.5 X 37.2 mm

    59 g

  • SANWA PGS-HR Servo...


    SANWA PGS-HR Servo

    - Digital Servo
    - Coreless Motor
    - Full metal gear
    - LiPo (1 & 2cell)

    0.10 sec / 60° (6.0 V)
    0.16 sec / 60° (3.7 V)

    3.8 kg·cm (6.0 V)
    5.8 kg·cm (3.7 V)

    27.0 x 21.1 x 30.5 mm

    24 g

  • XPERT-RC WR-7701...


    XP-WR-7701-HV XPERT-RC WR-7701 Brushless Waterproof Servo 27.3kg 0.15 60deg at 7.4v. 6.0-8.4v

    Xpert now bring to market the "WR" Water Resistant Spec servos. These are based on the architecture of the ever popular SN Series but with added water resistance and still maintaining the aluminium center case and gear support.

    Xpert Servos are a range of high spec servos, ALL of which are brushless for reduced current draw, increased efficiency and reduced running temperatures.

    Xpert RC have been developing this range for some time now and have been carrying out extended durability testing and performance testing is some of the toughest fields in the market including 1/8thBuggy and Truggy as well as some very large high demand flight units.

    Xpert have taken a quality first approach with the entire range and focus on high performance.

    The quality of these servos has stunned us, featuring very precise PCB production and use of only the highest quality components. The quality is apparent as soon as the servo is first seen but becomes even more apparent when used exhibiting extreme accuracy and position holding.

    WR Range.