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Active filters



    Built for ultra-fast refuelling, the fast fuel gun stands out as the trigger orientation that makes refuelling more ergonomic.

    The materials used on the grip have been tested extensively over a

    period of time with Arrowmax factory drivers to ensure mechanics get the best grip during refuelling.

  • MUGEN Air Filter Oil...


    MUGEN Air Filter Oil (100ML)

    This is an excellent sticky oil to keep dirt and dust from entering your carburettor.

    The best method is to pour a small amount of oil in a plastic bag and then put your
    filter in the bag and squeeze the filter so the oil distributes throughout the foam.
    The oil is very thin so make sure you squeeze any excess oil out before installing on your car.
    Once the oil dries it will become very sticky.

    NOTE: Wash out your filter after every 2 or 3 meetings. It will help protect your expensive engines!

  • O.S. SPEED 3.5cc R2104

    £449.99 £499.00

    IN STOCK NOW.     ** WORLD CHAMPIONS 2019 ** 

    Available as Motor only or with OS Pipe & New 'O2' Manifold, Springs and Gaskets. See Drop-Down box.

    This New 9-port power plant was developed with this year's IFMAR 1/8th Nitro On-Road World Championship* in mind. It features an updated piston and liner design that increases overall torque, while the DLC coated crankshaft offers improve transition from low to high rpms. The engine also sports a new combustion camber insert with a silicone O-ring, adapted from O.S. Engine’s off-road engines, preventing dust and dirt contamination. The R2104 is rounded off with a new design cooling head in a 2-tone black and red finish with white laser-engraved graphics.

    • The cylinder liner uses a new 9 port design
    • The cylinder head uses a two-colour anodising 
    • Increased fin pitch achieves both cooling performance and weight

    • Equipped with 21M2 (B) slide carburettor.


    Displacement: 3.49cc
    Bore: 16.08mm
    Stroke: 17.20
    Power Output: 2.76/35,000 (BHP/rpm)
    Practical RPM: 4,000 - 45.000rpm

    Available as Motor only or with OS Pipe & New 'O2' Manifold, Springs and Gaskets (saving over £80
    See Drop-Down box.

  • O.S. RP7 'TURBO'...



    No' 7 (.21 cool to warm weather)

  • MAXIMA R6 .21 ON-ROAD...


    Maxima Mx Europa have introduced their new .21 engine for 1/8 On-Road class, the Maxima Mx R6.

    With a long heritage, Maxima “R” line, has achieved in 2013 the first European Champion title at
    Halifax (UK) with a stunning
    performance of Jilles Groskamppowered by Maxima Mx R1.

    Over the past years several tests have been done with Mx R2 and Mx R4 to get to the R6,
    with all the quality standard of our engines and overall performance regarding torque and runtime.

    The Mx R6 is based on O.S Speed R2103 with special factory modifications to Crankshaft, Liner and
    Piston and comes 'Pre-Run' to shorten the running in process by half!

    Main Features: 
    Lower Centre of gravity for better handling
    • A second inner button head allows for finer tuning to meet track conditions
    • New ceramic rear bearing reduces friction loss 
    • Compatible with 16% nitro fuel, which complies with EFRA regulations
    • Retains O.S Speed innovations such as DLC coating and tungsten weighted crank shaft

    Power with Economy! 

    All units are factory selected, tuned and modified by Maxima.




    The new engine Maxima Mx TR1 .12 is available

    for pre order only.


    The TR1 will be available directly after the 1/10 World

    Championships in Miami.

    The engine is based on Novarossi Mito .12 World Champion

    Tech Specs: 

    Displacement: 2,1 cc
    R.P.M. (max power): 43.600 RPM

    Bore x stroke: 13,70x14,25 mm
    Sleeve: 3 ports
    Rear ball bearings: ceramic
    Front ball bearings: ceramic
    Crankshaft: 11,9 mm - turbo - tuned
    Carburetor: aluminium - 6,5 mm - slide
    Glowplug: Turbo (C6TGFB)
    Exhaust position: rear
    Starting: standard
    Weight: 230 g

    Fuel Type: 16% nitro


    All TR1s are specially tuned, piston & sleeve matched & pre run in. 


    The pricing is high due the exclusivity, quality and rarity of these engines.

  • O.S. SPEED T1203


    The 2018/2019 World Champion engine.


    • Performance certified by Naoto Matsukura, 2019 IFMAR 1/10 touring car world champion.
    • New inner crankcase.
    • New Cooling-head increased cooling.
    • New Carburettor.
    • New rear-cover.
    • New piston/liner.
    • New piston clip exhaust side c-shape.


    Type : Touring
    Contents : .12(2.11cc)
    Bore : 13.67mm
    Stroke : 14.30mm
    Crankshaft : DLC/TUNG/SIL 12mm SG/SPT
    Main Bearing : 12mm Ceramic
    Front Bearing : 7mm HighSpeed 
    Cylinder type : ABC
    Ports : 3
    Exhaust : 1
    Carburator : 12F5(B) with 5.5mm venturi
    Cooling-Head : 48mm/7 ribs
    Underhead : Conical/Turbo
    RMP : Max Power @ 33K RPM (5-45K RPM range)
    Weight : 215Gr
    • On sale!
    • -£99.00

    O.S. SPEED R2103 'EURO...

    £336.99 £435.99

    Special price on existing stock only.

    O.S. SPEED R21 'EURO SPEC' -  developed from the ultra succesfull 2102 & 2103. 

    1/8th On Road Motor

    It features a newly designed piston and liner developed for the 1/8th Euros 2018.... 
    Two holes in the piston help reduce weight, improve cooling and gas flow. 

    Displacement: 3.49cc( 
    Bore: 16.08mm (0.633in.) 
    Stroke: 17.2mm (0.677in.) 
    Practical rpm range: 4,000 - 45,000rpm 
    Max. output: 2.8ps(2.76hp) 

    YMC Tuning improves the 'Efficiency' of the motor even further. 
    Better High End and Midrange Performance are some of the benefits. 
    We can also offer a 'Pre-Run' service which helps shorten the running in period Dramatically'!

  • O.S. SPEED T1204 1CS00



    5% off.

    Featuring improved torque at medium to low speeds, the throttle response has also been improved.

    This has been achieved through a newly designed crankshaft with different counter weight shape which has had two tungsten weights installed for improve performance.

    The cooling head has also been changed to improve cooling, while the button and its o-ring has been modified to prevent dust entering this area.

    • New inner crankshaft.
    • New Cooling-head increased cooling.
    • New combustion chamber/o-ring.

    New Pipe & Manifold: 1070SC(EFRA2672)/MT03

    Type : Touring
    Contents : .12(2.11cc)
    Bore : 13.67mm
    Stroke : 14.30mm
    Crankshaft : DLC/TUNG/SIL 12mm SG/SPT
    Main Bearing : 12mm Ceramic
    Front Bearingt : 7mm HighSpeed 
    Cylinder type : ABC
    Ports : 3
    Exhaust : 1
    Carburator : 12F5(B) with 5.5mm venturi
    Cooling-Head : 48mm/6 ribs
    Underhead : for glowplugs Conical/Turbo
    RMP : Max Power @ 33K RPM (5-45K RPM range)
    Weight : 215Gr
  • O.S.SPEED R21 SHIMO...


    OS Engines (Japan) have developed O.S.SPEED R21 Shimo edition in collaboration with Takaaki Shimo, a multiple podium winner of the IFMAR 1/8 Racing World Championship.
    It is a 7-port engine with a new cylinder liner, which has extra holes to reduce overheating. The cooling head and 8.5mm carburettor restrictor are anodised in the special colour; champagne gold.
    The crankshaft is modified to meet his preference for smooth power transition from bottom to the top speed. For the first time OS Engines supply the combination of TR02 (EFRA2165) silencer with MR03-WC manifold to dedicate to this special edition.


    Displacement:3.49 cc /
    Bore: 16.08mm / 0.633 in.
    Stroke:17.20mm / 0.677 in.
    Output 2.8 ps / 2.76 hp / 35,000 r.p.m.
    Practical rpm range: 4,000-45,000 r.p.m.
    Weight:340g / 11.99 oz.
    Standard accessories:
    Glow plug RP7 /Dust cap set/Exhaust seal ring
    TR02 EFRA2165 /MR03-WC Silencer & Exhaust Manifold
    O.S. SPEED Flywheel Colette.

    • On sale!
    • -£60.00

    O.S. SPEED R2103 'EURO...

    £489.99 £549.99


    The BRAND NEW EUROSPEC II Motor from OS Engines.

    (Price iDOE NOT nclude Pipe & Manifold

    • NEW CRANKSHAFT. Featuring an extra Tungsten counter balance weigh to improve mid range performance and 'return to idle' function. 
    • NEW LINER & PISTON. 7 ports (similar to Shimo II) for a smoother power delivery with increased torque. Exhaust side extra liner ports to improve piston cooling and a better heat distribution.
    • New Head Graphics.



    OS .21 TUNED PIPE TR02 EFRA2165

    Developed for smoother Low end and Midrange performance whilst retaining good Top End.



    NEW....NEW....NEW!   IN STOCK NOW!

    The New tuned silencer TR02 EFRA2165 kit supplied with
    the MR02 manifold, designed for 1/8th on-road engines.

    Improved bottom end and mid range power, making for
    smoother acceleration and better control.

    Requires slight mixture change. Up to 1/4 turn richer.




    The new and exclusive VS Racing VSR04 super long stroke .21 on-road engine is based on the very powerful O.S. Speed R2102 and is an extraction of the world famous OS Max precision and technology together with some additional 'Rody' touch and development, equipped with a VS Bi-Turbo crankshaft and VS Spec combustion chamber. 

    The VSR04 is suited for high competition 1/8scale on-road racing.
    This engine is intended for "EXPERIENCED" users.