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    Serpent 1/10th Nitro Clutch Kit Complete.

    New 'TRUE-MOTION' Clutch assembly with Bell and Gears.

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    MUGEN MTC-1 1/10...

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    After an intense year of testing and racing, Mugen Seiki is excited to announce information about the MTC1 performance conversion kit. 
    All the new parts were used at the Reedy Race of Champions EU, where all 3 prototypes MTC1’s ended up in top 10 of the modified class. After an intense year of testing and racing, Mugen Seiki is excited to announce information about the MTC1 performance conversion kit. All the new parts were used at the Reedy Race of Champions EU, where all 3 prototypes MTC1’s ended up in top 10 of the modified class. The prototype MTC1 was able to log some of the fastest lap times of the entire event!
    Testing with the prototype MTC1 on asphalt has also shown great results. Most testing was been done by pro drivers, but we also did testing with hobby customers and the testing displayed great results for drivers of all levels. 

    The kit includes following parts:

    1. New upper deck with pitch control rod. Mugen Seiki’s new pitch control rod system prevents the chassis from bending over the maximum length, as it is fixed from the motor mount to the upper deck. Furthermore the flex of the chassis is not affected from the rod. It improves the acceleration significantly especially on carpet or high grip conditions.

    2. New C-Hub front suspension. After intense testing we found out that the C-Hub suspension system, in combination with a different wheel axle position, is much easier to drive then the original design. 

    3. New shock/differential O-Rings:
 The new softer O-Rings providing less friction and both shocks and differential are working more smooth. This makes the car easier to drive especially on bumpy tracks or tracks with curbs or dots.

    4. New differential gears. The new material of differential gears provides increased durability and smoother operation. This will also allow you to do more running between rebuilds. 

    5. Aluminium spool outdrives. The aluminium outdrives increase the durability of the outdrives. Simply change the composite blades from time to time for increased durability. All in all, the MTC1 performance kit improves the car durability and performance significantly, and makes the MTC1 highly competitive in the electric touring car class for drivers of all levels. 

    YMC Racing have been the UK's SOLE stockist for ON-ROAD Cars and SPARES for the last 3 years and, as with all our On-Road Mugen cars, we will not only be stocking the kits but will also carry a COMPREHENSIVE SPARES BACK-UP service!

    Features MTC1: 

    - - Dual belt drive train. 
    - - Aluminium diff housing with ball raced outdrive cups. 
    - - Laser etched diff housing and shock dampers for viscosity identification. 
    - - Intelligent caster adjustment system. 
    - - Zero tweak flex system. 
    - - Adjustable body positioning front to back and well as height adjustment. 
    - - Big bore shocks 
    - - Front double joint drive shafts. 
    - - Hard coated aluminum rear drive shafts. 
    - - Low friction pulleys. 
    - - Ball raced sway bars. 
    - - One-piece motor mount. 
    - - Fully adjustable narrow steering system. 
    - - Aerodynamic front bumper. 
    - - Optional Alloy chassis conversion 
    - - Optional Graphite Upper Deck 
    - - Fully adjustable suspension (camber, toe, caster, wheelbase, track width, roll centre, diff / spool height, and steering angle).



    £164.99 £234.99

    A performance rig built to endure. When hitting the trail, you want to do it with confidence and the answer
    is the all-new Enduro Builder’s Kit!

    Knowing that every build is different, we gave you the ability to choose the wheelbase length that suits most
    bodies on the market. The included optional rear links allow builders to choose from among the 12.3, 12.0 and
    11.8-inch (313mm, 305mm and 299mm) wheelbases.
    With all this packed in one box, we know the Enduro Builder’s Kit is ready for the trail – Are you?

    * This vehicle comes as a kit and must be fully assembled by the user. Electronics and/or an engine/motor may be required.

  • GT BODIES 1/10th NITRO

    £10.00 £19.99

    Lexan LeMans/GT type Bodies for 1/10th '200mm' Nitro Cars. Various types. 

    Use with standard 1/10th Wheels (not 220mm) Just like a mini 1/8th!

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    MUGEN MRX6 'X' World...

    £640.99 £699.99

    Mugen Seiki is proud to introduce the new MRX6X 1/8th Nitro On-Road kit.

    The MRX6X is inspired and based off the products used by Mugen Seiki driver, Shoki Takahata, to capture the 2019 IFMAR 1:8 On-Road World Championship hosted by Steel City R/C Speedway.
    The features of the MRX6X help improve steering, rear traction, drive train efficiency, and drivability.

     Features of the new MRX6X kit (H2008) include:

    • New front suspension geometry. The new front uprights and aluminium bearing holders give
      you more overall steering and have a more precise steering feel.
      The shape of the upper front arm also changed to accommodate the current bodies on the market.

    • The new front shock tower and lower shock mounts have new geometry that increase steering
      in the middle to the exit of the turn.

    • New rear suspension geometry. The new rear upper A-arms and rear upper arm plate help
      improve rear traction.

    • 0.8M pinion & spur gear. The new 0.8M pinion and spur gear will increase drive train efficiency.
     You’ll notice increased acceleration and increased runtime.

    • New roll bar for easier refuelling. This will allow quicker pit stops.
    • New front drive shaft. The new front drives shafts allow increase steering angles and more overall steering.
    • The front wheel lever (H2231) and rear wheel lever (H2232) are standard equipment on the
      MRX6X and allow easier installing/removing of wheels.

    MRX6X New Parts:
    H0272-B Front drive shaft
    H2151-B Rear upper bulkhead
    H2161L/R Front upright
    H2162 Insert upright
    H2163 Rear upper and lower arm
    H2164 Rear upper arm plate
    H2165L/R Front upper arm
    H2166L/R Front lower shock mount
    H2167 Roll over bar
    H2233 Pinion 19T
    H2234 Pinion 20T (Option)
    H2235 Pinion 24T
    H2236 Pinion 25T (Option)
    H2237 Spur gear 60T (Option)
    H2238 Spur gear 61T
    H2239 Spur gear 62T (Option)
    H2240 Spur gear 56T (Option)
    H2241 Spur gear 57T
    H2242 Spur gear 58T (Option)
    H2422 Centre Weight 30g (Option)
    H2516 Front shock tower

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    £450.99 £529.99

    One only at this price....Ex shop display.

    SA101A32471A - M17 Radio Set with RX493 SANWA M17 Radio Set with RX493 Main Features

    - Ultra Response Mode (SUR) New Transmitter system "FH5" makes new record of the World Fastest Response.

    - Colour Display and Touch Panel are easy to control.

    - Light weight (about 510g) and higher rigidity than M12S - Steering and Throttle Position Optimisation and Steering Swing Adjust Function - Detachable Throttle Unit is available to change spring by drivers (World First) Product Description - Installed "Fine Colour Display (480x320)